Wacocell Layer
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WACOCELL® LAYER Absorbable Haemostat is made of a fibrous form of ORC. This makes it conformable and provides optimal tissue adherence. WACOCELL® LAYER also has a microfibrillar structure, which gives it a greater surface area. This means that WACOCELL® LAYER can achieve haemostasis faster than WACOCELL ® Standard.

In addition, the seven-layer microfibrillar structure of WACOCELL® LAYER makes it the most versatile member of the WACOCELL® family of products. The seven layers of WACOCELL® LAYER can be peeled off and torn into strips, layers, tufts, rolls, or pads; and this makes it the perfect fit for many different wound management needs. In fact WACOCELL® LAYER will adhere perfectly to the wound site, even in difficult-to-reach places and against gravity.

WACOCELL® LAYER can conform even more effectively than WACOCELL® Standard. This makes WACOCELL® LAYER perfect for irregular surfaces (such as tumour beds), areas particularly affected by gravitational forces (such as those beneath parenchymatous organs), and for hard- to-reach areas (such as those around capillary anastomoses, sinus cavities or the epidural space).
WACOCELL® LAYER is also suitable for use with electrocautery, and when WACOCELL® LAYER is used in layers it will immediately absorb any bleeding, so providing the surgeon with enhanced visibility of the wound site.

WACOCELL® LAYER ‘melts’ into bleeding tissue, but it can still be easily removed when required. The surgeon can also avoid product wastage by peeling off and using as much or as little WACOCELL® LAYER as is needed.

Wacocell Layer

Waco Ref




Box / Quantity




Soft, Lightweight, Layered

2,6*5,1 cm

10 Pcs.



7,6*10,2 cm



2,5*5,1 cm



5,1*10,2 cm



10,2*10,2 cm



5*7,5 cm


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