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  • Consistent safety and performance achieved by combining high quality raw materials with a controlled manufacturing process that applies to every Wacocell products.
  • As first stage, wood pulp is transformed into regenerated cellulose which is in knitted into a fabric, textile and it becomes medical device through a controlled oxidation process.
  • The oxidation process is critical in turning to this common textile into a medical product.
  • It’s what imparts product hemostatic capacity what makes it absorbable susceptible to moisture and it’s really the thoroughness and the quality of that process that gives a surgeon confidence that when they’ve used this and implant it, it’s gonna go away always.
  • All Wacocell absorbable hemostats are oxidized at a single facility using a precise formula.

Specialized equipment verifies that the oxidation process is followed exactly and that the specifications like pH control and purity standards are strictly met.

36 quality assurance checkpoints confirm that each piece of Wacocell is 100% oxidized which ensures it’s complete bio-absorbability and gets Wacocell industry-leading bactericidal efficacy. Finally a validated dehumidification process reduces moisture content before packaging guaranteeing that every piece of Wacocell will perform at its best when needed process excellence means that each piece of Wacocell makes it from begining to end with exceptional quality and dependability and that’s why whenever you open a Wacocell you get the same material every time it’s because of those tight controls.

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